Will Capron Mandrake

This mid tech knife from Will Capron Knives is called the Mandrake. This one has a wharncliffe profile blade. These knives can be purchased in wharncliffes, Persians, and drop points with this handle design and are made from .125" differentially hardened 1095 steel. The contoured scales are in G10 and micarta. Aluminum trainers are also available

Note the pinky subhilt and double scallop on back of the grip. It's a subhilt that can be carried and drawn from concealment without the traditional snagging problems and provides the same advantages in forward grip as a karambit without requiring any needle threading under stress. The rear contour allows for a hammer grip that is also palm reinforced to prevent any slipping in the hand. The Kydex sheath comes with a belt loop attachment and the knife has a positive lock in the sheath.

The knife arrived lightly oiled and razor sharp. The pinky subhilt is almost unnoticeable when held but provides a solid grip when drawing the knife. Size is perfect for concealment but large enough to handle most tasks. 

I had a nice piece of dried hardwood in my back yard so I decided to play around a little with the mandrake. I did some skinning of the wood and realized the pinky subhilt took alot of pressure off my wrist. Its another contact point and help control the knife. In firearms classes I teach points of contact help manage recoil and to keep the weapon on target. Both are control issues, and this is along the same lines. I ended up cutting all the way through the roughly 1.25" stick. I finished up todays testing of the mandrake slicing through printer paper. After cutting through a pretty tough stick of hardwood, the Mandrake held its edge as it should.

I highly recommend the Will Capron Mandrake if you are in the market for this style of knife. It has features that are appealing to those who are looking for a working knife with a custom look. It would fit perfectly on a belt or tuck away great in a Plate Carrier. I look forward for more unique designs coming out of Wills shop, the Mandrake is a hit.

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