Training Videos

One thing I like to incorperate into my training is to let my buddy load my "warbelt" and magazines into which ever order he decides to mess with me. This forces me to react to whatever situation he puts on me. You would be surprised how much time it takes to reload a weapon when your magazines have been staged improperly. We also use magazines that wont lock the slide open after last shot. That way we notice our own flinch "if any" and forces a hard reload. Make sure you mark these magazines so they dont get mixed up in with your SHTF Kit.


2 shots reload, 2 shots, transitions pistol 2 shots

2 shots, reload, 2 shots, reload, 2 shots

2 shots, reload, 2 shots, reload, 2 shots, transition, 2 shots with empty chamber. Yeah he got me. stopped at the 15yrd mark for pistol shots

Over door with reload

rifle over door reload

234 drill. 2 shots, reload, 3 shots, reload, 4 shots....dont get ahead of yourself like I did on the 4th shot.

6 and 6 50m drill

Tactical Solution AR22 upper, cheap movement drills

Odd angle movement

Forward movement

Forward with reload

Forward then rearward