One of the first things people buy for their handgun is a holster. With many different manufacturers in this market, finding a holster that fits your weapon is easy but it may only suit one application. Holster applications could be any of the following: conceal carry, open carry, duty and competition. Some people will spend the money on a holster to accommodate each of these applications, but I like to get the most bang for my buck, pardon the pun…

I competed with a KT Defender for my M&P9c this last season and was more than pleased.  After making the decision to switch my handgun arsenal to Glock, I contacted my friend Harvey at KT. Sure, there are a lot of holsters out there that fit the Glock… but none accommodated to the specific set up on the G19 I was building. This customization is what KT does.  The company focuses on making products that fit their customer’s specific needs regardless of set up.  KT can build almost anything to fit different lights, lasers, and suppressor sights - in my case an RMR with a TLR3 light. 

Another feature KT holsters offer over the competition is the ability to run them IWB or OWB with a quick swap of components. Simply remove the OWB belt loops and install the IWB straps. Oh, did I mention these IWB straps are only $10.79… This extra was a big selling point for me because I needed something for EDC IWB and an OWB holster for my training classes. 

This year KT has also added an optional retention system to their holsters. Even though the kydex is a premium fit, this strap adds a little piece of mind that your weapon remains secure in situations with a lot of movement. KT also offers magazine holsters for both pistol and rifle magazines. I run an AR15 PMAG holster and a double pouch for the G19. Both products are a snug fit; I have yet to loose a magazine during run and gun drills.

With a starting price of $40, you cannot find a better company that will work with you 100%. It doesn’t matter what color, weapon model, accessory option and mission purpose, KT will take care of you. For more details on KT’s products, please check them out at www.kt-mech.com . 

KT is the only Holster I run- Scott P.

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