The SLMC "Spring Loaded Magazine Carrier" is the brainchild of Garrett Industries distributed by Tucker Gunleather. The SLMC Model A is a one-stop shop for pistol magazine carrying, as you extract a magazine, the next advances and you never have to wonder where your next loaded mag is. This design is great when real estate on your belt is limited. You can carry alot of ammo in a small package. Adjustable for cant and different style magazines. It takes a little getting used to but Its great not feeling around your waist for the next magazine. Great design and durable would be a few features I would add to the description of this product

Specs From Tucker Gunleather:

This magazine carrier combines high capacity with repetitive hand placement to make reloading more reflexive and faster.

The SLMC can accommodate up to seven single stack 1911 mags or up to four Glock, Para, etc. double stack, or any single stack with large bumpers, finger rest, extended capacity, etc.

Made of Kydex for long lasting durability and are adjustable to fit different magazine types and sizes. This means an operator with various pistol models can utilize the same SLMC by adjusting the carriers' capacity.

Price: $70




more to come