Carolina Custom Camo

Carolina Custom Camo located in Camden SC is a one stop shop for your Archery and Hydro dipping needs. Owner Anthony Jackson has been dipping firearms and various other items for over 6 years. He has the widest selection of films in the state of South Carolina including ATACS FG which is the camo I selected for this project.

The rifle I selected for this project was a JP Enterprises LRP-07 which is a AR variant in 7.62. I broke the rifle down to 6 major parts which included a stripped upper and lower, stock, grip, hand guard and a magazine. Im not going to take you through the entire process but it includes, sandblasting, priming, base coat, dipping rinsing, drying, final prep, and clear coating. 

Overall I am very impressed with the quality of work performed at Carolina Custom Camo. The work looks very professional and I can find a flaw anywhere. I will definitely be taking more firearms for Anthony to dip. I honestly think this is the best way to go when considering firearms refinishing.

 photo photo-129_zps7c2b9f9e.jpg  photo photo-128_zps449b4eed.jpg  photo photo-127_zpsca33cd6d.jpg  photo photo-126_zps19a03afc.jpg  photo photo-148_zps29b687a0.jpg  photo photo-143_zpsba5b7fb8.jpg  photo photo-142_zpsddd217d7.jpg