Big Chris Knives

The knife that Big Chris sent over for T&E turned out to be an exceptional blade. I prefer to call this one a performance blade. It not of the tactical make like other knives we normally review which are rugged and tuff, Its more streamline and easy on the eyes. Don't let the looks fool you, Its extremely durable and build to withstand the rigors of tactical use. The handle is smooth and fat, making for a good comfortable purchase with no gloves. I spoke to Big Chris and he agrees that a more aggressive texture would be a better fit for tactical purposes but he sent this to have the steel tested, grips can be changed to fit the end user.

This blade was used through a few Carbine classes and a camping trip for regular duty use. It stood up very well and held its edge as advertised….more to come

 photo IMG_1705_zps48dfda86.jpg  photo IMG_1706_zpsd015f058.jpg  photo IMG_1707_zpsd69b5432.jpg  photo IMG_1708_zps9c478015.jpg  photo IMG_1709_zps953f6c47.jpg  photo IMG_1711_zpsbaaf80db.jpg