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This page is reserved for INSTAGRAM purchases only. Only use this page to make purchases of Instagram De-Cap-ATurtles DCT, Secret Flying Squirrels SFS, Baby Squirrels BS, and the De-Cap-AFox FOX.

Make sure you have spoken to myself via Email, and we have agreed on your purchase and what is in stock. IF YOU HAVENT SPOKEN TO ME IN 24 HOURS YOUR ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD. If I don't know what you want, you will get what i want you to have.

also be sure to check your address, If your address is wrong on paypal, you will be responsible for shipping to the correct address, I foot the shipping for IG followers, Im not footing it twice.

Pictures below are only examples of finishes I can do, I don't offer discounts on multiple purchases, my prices won't be beaten, If you order 10 or more items I may consider a discount.

Most importantly! leave in the comments section a detailed description of your purchase, when you email me I'm not always around my shop, this makes it easier for both of us to ensure you get the correct item.….thanks IG @decapaturtle

Knife Purchases

IG and Facebook knife purchases can be made here, use the payment buttons below after we have agreed on a price, feel free to put what you are purchasing in the comments and don't forget to add a Horizontal belt loop on the tab below the prices links. Thanks for your purchase!

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